UAB Voldeta is a startup company with specialists who have been working with internet number resources in the RIPE NCC services region for over 6 years. We have a large network of partners in the EU, Great Britain, USA and Russia. We provide the following services: IPv4 transfer broker services, IP rental broker services, IPv4 & IPv6 lease,  AS registration and support, LIR registration and management. Lease and lease out IPv4 & IPv6, sell or buy IPv4  prefixes with us. Our benefits are:

7 days support: we work 7 days per week to be sure that all issues are solved. Contact us via chat or email;
Reliable: we are the recognised RIPE NCC broker. This means that we’ve signed the broker agreement with the RIPE NCC to follow their policies;
Fast service: we assign subnets within a couple of hours after we receive the signed agreement (in case it was received before 8 PM). For other services, we reply within one day.
Free IPv4 test: If you lease IPv4 from us we give you 24 hours to test the assigned subnet free of charge.
RPKI and LOA: If required, we provide ROA and LOA free of charge. 
Full routes and rDNS records control: When we assign subnets for lease, we add the maintainer of the customer as MNT-domains and MNT-routes. 
Prices: IPv4 /24 lease – from 84,15 EUR per month; IPv4/23 lease – from 198 EUR per month; Find other CIDR rates in our shop.  If you want to open your own LIR, don’t miss our special offer at the price 350 EUR.
Check our goals and beliefs to learn more about additional discounts for startups.