Sell IPv4

Sell IPv4

Looking to sell IPv4 addresses?

Voldeta is a recognized IPv4 transfer broker and a RIPE NCC member (LIR). As a LIR and IPv4 broker, we are qualified to provide the ALL-IN-ONE IPv4 transfer brokerage service absolutely for free.

Our free service includes:

  1. Search of a buyer and a price negotiation;
  2. Document preparation;
  3. The transaction registration with;
  4. IPv4 transfer ticket submission (in case you agree to delegate this function to us);
  5. IPv4 transfer support;
  6. Support with the payment disbursement by escrow;
  7. Subnet cleaning*.

* There’s a special term in case the cleaning is required. Please contact us for the further details.

5 steps to sell IPv4 assets:

  1. Contact us to negotiate the terms. Send a email to and provide us your main terms, pricing and an IPv4 range for sale. We work 7 days per week to be in touch with you;
  2. Sign a contract.  We are flexible: we can either provide our own contract or, if required, use yours;
  3. Confirm the buyer and Escrow transaction. After the buyer is found, we will send you his details to confirm. When it’s done, you’ll receive a link to confirm the transaction with;
  4. After the payment is secured by, sign Transfer documents and initiate the transfer. You can either initiate the IPv4 transfer by yourself, or delegate this function to us by adding our employee’s account to LIR-portal;
  5. When the transfer is completed, receive the payment from Escrow directly to your bank account.

Benefits to work with us:

  • Free IPv4 brokerage service for sellers. Our commission is paid by Buyer and can’t exceed 3 EUR/IP
  • No fee for IPv4 subnets smaller than /18. For IPv4 ranges larger or equal to /18 the escrow fee is paid 50/50 by Seller and Buyer;
  • 7 days per week support;
  • Flexible terms. We are open to follow your terms and use your contracts, if required;
  • Less obligations.  There’s no requirement to have us as a sole IPv4 broker until the IPv4 subnet is sold. Our contract is concluded for 2 weeks and then, if the buyer isn’t found, you’re free to terminate the contract;
  • Full PLUS service: we can help you to clean IPv4 addresses before sale, or even initiate an IPv4 transfer, while you save your time for more important things.


To sell IPv4 addresses, simply contact us via email: