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Lobby group wants to change rules for IPv4 address allocation – AFRINIC

”Lobby group wants to change rules for IPv4 address allocation” reads an article in the IT news magazine

A dubious lobby group called Number Resource Society (NRS) is currently trying to change the rules on IPv4 address allocation in order to be able to resell and trade IPv4 addresses like normal assets.
The Register magazine reports that the NRS is using leverage to massively influence the rules and challenge the entire regulatory structure of address allocation. The goal appears to be the personal enrichment of individuals by taking IPv4 address allocation away from Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and commercializing the process. In fact, The Register is convinced that NRS is likely “a vehicle for commercial enterprises that would profit from the reinvention of Internet rules that it itself seeks.”
NRS’s activities begin with its problems with AFRINIC, one of the RIRs responsible for managing and allocating IP addresses in Africa.

Here are the full reports:
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