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RIPE Assisted Registry Check (ARC) – What is it and how can you achieve a successful outcome?

The Assisted Registry Check (ARC) is a regular LIR audit made by RIPE NCC. Throughout the ARC review, the RIPE NCC conducts a range of consistency checks to evaluate the accuracy of LIRs’ registry data.

The ARC review serves as a means for the RIPE NCC to establish regular communication with RIPE members, ensuring the ongoing accuracy of data in the RIPE Registry without imposing any extra responsibilities on the LIR.

The ARC review encompasses three overarching categories:

  1. Registry Data Consistency – LIR status, legal name and address, contact details
  2. Resource Consistency – IPv4, IPv6 Legacy, PA and PI, ASN assignments and sub-allocations
  3. Routing and Reverse DNS (rDNS) Consistency – correspondence of the route objects to BGP announcements, lame reverse delegations, network reachability

The form of audit includes an online call.

During the audit, the RIPE NCC, in collaboration with the concerned member, conducts a comprehensive assessment of the member’s information in the RIPE Registry. This assessment includes verifying the accuracy of their legal name, address, contact information, registered contact persons, and the correctness of the registration of the associated Internet number resources in the RIPE Database, among other factors. Please note that the RIPE NCC may request any documentation pertaining to the subject under examination, and it is the responsibility of the Resource Holder to cooperate with the RIPE NCC and provide the requested information.

The RIPE NCC may offer suggestions to the Resource Holder undergoing an audit and, when required, may ask them to make necessary updates and amendments to their information in the RIPE Registry. The Resource Holder is expected to promptly adhere to the provided recommendations.

To successfully complete the ARC, we advise you to review the information below and confirm its accuracy:

  1. Your LIR details are up-to date
  2. Inetnum, Inet6num, Aut-num objects registered in RIPE database are up-to-date and follow the RIPE allocation and assignment policies
  3. Route objects reflect BGP announcements
  4. Your sponsoring resources and their holders details are correct and up-to date.
  5. Your assignments reflect existing contractual relationships.
  6. Your domain objects are valid

If you are looking for a service provider to delegate LIR management functions, we would be delighted to assist you.

We offer an annual subscription for LIR management services. When you subscribe annually with us, for a small additional fee ranging from 150 to 350 EUR*, depending on the number of objects registered or maintained by the LIR in the RIPE database, we will take on the preparation of your LIR for the RIPE audit and represent your LIR during the audit.

*Note: This offer is valid if the subscription has been active for more than 6 months at the time of the ARC.

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