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Buy IPv4

Buy RIPE, ARIN, APNIC or Legacy IPv4 subnets with Voldeta, a recognized IPv4 transfer broker.

How we work:

1) Please choose a subnet on our website and place the order or contact us by email:
2) We send you an NDA to sign and then disclose the IP-range
3) Once all parties agree the transfer terms, we send you the agreement to sign. Upon the signature, we open a trilateral transaction on
4) After all parties confirm the terms, you send payment to
5) Once the payment is secured by, the seller initiates the transfer. Upon the transfer completion we send you all the closing documents.

In case you are looking for a subnet that is not currently available on our website, please feel free to contact us by email indicating your requirements and budget and we will start the search of the required subnet.

Our broker service fee is included to the IPv4 subnet sales price and cannot exceed 3 EUR/IP for subnets larger than /24.

The currency depends on the sellers country and can be either EUR or USD.

By default, the escrow fee is paid by buyer.

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