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IPv4 rent FAQ

Can I rent IPv4 address?

Yes, you can rent IPv4 addresses for your own infrastructure

How many IPv4 addresses can I rent?

The minimal IPv4 subnet size we provide for rent is /24 which is equal to 256 IPv4 addresses

Do I need ASN to announce IPv4 subnets?

Yes, you need an Autonomous system to announce IPv4 subnets

If I don’t have ASN, how can I get it to announce IP addresses?

You can buy our AS registration service, or find a Data Center that agrees to announce a subnet with it’s ASN.

What is inetnum?

Inetnum is an object in the RIPE database which shows your IPv4 assignment administrative details, such as the range, admin contact, technical contact, abuse contact, organisation details and maintainers

What is maintainer?

Maintainer is an object in RIR databases which provides an access to manage RIR objects that have a reference to such Maintainer.

I’m an IPv4 supplier and would like to rent out my IPv4 resources – how can I transfer the right to manage my IPv4 resources in RIPE Database to you ?

There’re 4 possible options:

1. Add mnt-lower voldeta-mnt to ALLOCATED PA inetnum

2. Add mnt-by voldeta-mnt to ASSIGNED PA inetnum

3. Create a SUB-ALLOCATED PA inetnum to ORG-VU28-RIPE

4. Make a temporary transfer to ORG-VU28-RIPE

What is ALLOCATED PA inetnum?

Allocated PA is a type of inetnum object which shows information about full IPv4 allocation from RIPE to LIR. The inetnum with ALLOCATED PA status has several restrictions on updates: you can’t modify ORG, netname, mnt-by.

What does ASSIGNED PA inetnum mean?

ASSIGNED PA status in the inetnum object means the range specified in this inetnum was assigned by LIR to the end user from a larger Allocation (ALLOCATED PA IPv4 subnet). The ASSSIGNED PA object shows the end user details.

I have an ASSIGNED PI inetnum. What is it and can I rent it out?

ASSIGNED PI inetnum status means the ASSIGNMENT was made by RIPE to the end user for it’s own infrastructure. The RIPE NCC policies don’t allow to rent such subnets out. If ASSIGNED PI is not used by end-user, it shall be returned to RIPE NCC pool

Can I convert IPv4 PI subnet to PA?

If you have a registered LIR, you can transfer PI-addresses to your LIR and, during the PI transfer, convert the ASSIGNED PI IPv4 to ALLOCATED PA

Can I convert IPv4 PA subnet to PI?

No, you can’t convert ALLOCATED PA to ASSIGNED PI IPv4 subnet.

I have LEGACY IPv4 resources, can I lease them out?

Yes, you can lease out LEGACY IPv4 addresses

Are there any country restrictions on RIPE subnets announcements?

If you have ALLOCATED PA subnet, you shall announce at least a /24 in the RIPE service region. The remaining IPv4 addresses can be announced outside the RIPE NCC service region. LEGACY IPv4 subnets can be announced everywhere without any country restrictions

I would like to rent an IPv4 subnet and see my company details in whois – is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible. During the IPv4 addresses assignment, we add your Organisation object, administrative and technical details to the inetnum (ORG, Admin-c, Tech-c) at All the third-side whois tools are updated later accordingly.

I need the exact GEO on IPv4 subnet, (US geo, as example), but your IPv4 subnets show another GEO – will you update it?

During the assignment upon your request we can contact Maxmind and ask to correct current GEO to yours. Usually, the update takes 2 weeks.

If I rent your subnets, how shall I react on abuses?

According to the contract terms, you shall react on abuses within 24 hours. If the problem remains, or it’s a botnet and similar abuses come from the other IPs of the assigned subnet we reserve the right to block the whole subnet. If a subnet got to the blacklisting (for example, Spamhaus), a penalty equal to 3 months leasing fee applies.

What is the minimal IPv4 rental period?

The minimal rental period is 3 months for /24-/22 subnets, 6 months for /21-/20 subnets, 1 year for larger subnets.

Do you provide IPv4 for sneaker proxies?

No, we don’t provide IPv4 for sneaker proxies

Do you provide RPKI and LOA?

Yes, we create RPKI and provide LOA, if required

I’m an IPv4 supplier, I would like to delegate you the right to create RPKI – how can I do it?

For RIPE subnets, please go to LIRportal – users – add user – – admin – then we’ll be able to mange RPKI

I would like to rent out my IPv4 addresses, but am afraid of spamming and other illegal activities . I don’t want to lease my IPv4 subnets out to untrusted companies. Who are your customers and what does your compliance procedure include?

Our Customers are Hosting, VPS, VPN providers, Internet service providers, private companies who are looking for IPv4 for the security reasons or their own IT infrastructure, Telecommunications providers. Before signing a contract with the end user, we check his owners, company details, company reviews, ASN and other subnets in use, if available and make a final decision to approve a company, or not. Also, we have a regular demand from our permanent customers. Moreover, if you have any your own restrictions, we are flexible and open to discuss it.

I’m a marketing company, can I rent your IPv4 subnets?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide IPv4 subnets for the marketing purposes. An exception can only be made for a trusted well-known company.

I would like to rent your IPv4 subnets but would like to mange them by myself, can you add my maintainer?

We can only provide you mnt-domains and mnt-routes, so you are able to manage route and domain objects by yourself. Please note that the RPKI change is possible after we check your new ASN. Since an inetnum shall show correct and up-to-date data about the end-user, we do not provide mnt-by.

Do you change country during the IPv4 assignment?

Yes, by default, we update country to a country of your company registration.

Are there any country restrictions on ARIN subnets announcements?

Yes, at least a /22 ARIN IPv4 subnet shall be announced in ARIN service region

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