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Inter-RIR transfers – RIPE NCC


Inter-RIR transfers are transfers of Internet number resources, such as IP-addresses and ASNs (Autonomous System numbers) between Regional Internet Registries (hereinafter – RIRs). This means that you, as the owner of Internet Number Resources, can transfer them not only within your own RIR Service Region, but also transfer them to the service region of another RIR.

Today there’re only 4 RIRs that support Inter-RIR transfers: RIPE NCC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC. This became possible after the implementation of RIR-compliant inter-RIR transfer policies. As of 2023 year, these policies fully cover IPv4 INTER-RIR transfers, partially – ASN INTER-RIR transfers and don’t cover IPV6 Inter-RIR transfers. As an example, you can transfer IPv4 addresses from LACNIC to RIPE NCC, APNIC or ARIN, but you’re not able to transfer your ASN from LACNIC to any other RIR. Meanwhile, ARIN, RIPE NCC and APNIC support ASN Inter-RIR transfers. IPv6 Inter-RIR transfers are not supported by any of RIRs.

As far as AFRINIC, they haven’t implemented Inter-RIR transfer policies yet.

In order to help you to understand how the Inter-RIR transfer policies work, we’ve prepared an overview of each RIR Inter-RIR transfer requirements and limitations. This article is an overview of inter-RIR transfers from/to RIPE NCC.

What resources can be transferred?
  • IPv4: IPv4 addresses can be transferred from RIPE NCC to ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC.
  • ASNs: ASNs can be transferred from RIPE NCC to ARIN, APNIC.
What types of IPv4 addresses can be transferred from RIPE NCC to another RIR?
    The status can remain the same or can be converted to another one.

Please note that IPv4 subnets allocated by RIPE NCC cannot be transferred within the next 2 years after the last transfer/allocation date.

Who Can Request an Inter-RIR Transfer?

From the RIPE NCC to another RIR:

  • LIRs registered with RIPE NCC
  • Non-RIPE NCC members through their sponsoring LIR
  • Legacy IPv4 holders without a contractual relationship with the RIPE NCC.

From another RIR to the RIPE NCC:

  • Any resource holder in the respective RIR.
How to submit an Inter-RIR Transfer Request from RIPE NCC to another RIR?

The transferring party must fill up an inter-RIR transfer template and send it with all the supporting documents to

How to submit an Inter-RIR Transfer Request from another RIR to RIPE NCC?

Please ensure the recipient complies with the RIPE NCC requirements:

RIPE NCC will only register resources if the network that will be using them has at least one active element located in the RIPE NCC service region. If the receiving party does not have a contractual relationship with the RIPE NCC, it shall establish one prior to the evaluation of the transfer request. In the case of ASSIGNED PI, a sponsoring LIR may be used instead. Please note that this is not required for resources with the LEGACY status.

An Inter-RIR transfer must start in the originating service region. Please open the FAQ regarding the originating RIR to get the detailed instructions.

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