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Requirements to add an IPv4 subnet to OVH Cloud (BYOIP)

BYOIP – Bring your own IP addresses – is an IP subnet onboarding process in OVHcloud.

You can bring additional IPv4 subnets to your OVHcloud account. You continue to control the IP subnet but, by default OVH announces it by it’s own ASN on the internet.

Taking into account the IPv4 subnet requirements, OVH is only intended to IPv4 owners. If you’re not an IPv4 owner and just looking to rent a subnet, there’re not so many options to choose from. The details are given below.

BYOIP OVH Requirements for IPv4 subnets

  1. The IP-address range must be registered with one of the following registries: ARIN, RIPE NCC.
  2. An ARIN IPv4 block must be used with OVHcloud services located in Canada or the USA, while a RIPE NCC IPv4 subnet can only be used with OVHcloud services provided in Europe.
  3. The most specific IPv4 CIDR that you can rent to use it for OVH BYOIP is /24, while the less specific IPv4 CIDR is /19.
  4. IPv6 subnets are not supported by BYOIP OVH.
  5. The IPv4 range must not be announced in BGP by any other ASN. IPv4 subnets we offer for lease are not announced by any other ASN.
  6. The IPv4 subnet shall have clear IP reputation. Please specify the purpose of use during the checkout and we will double-check the subnet reputation before offering the exact range.
  7. The route object shall be created to AS16276. This is made by us.
  8. To prove that you are the owner the IP range, you will be required to insert a token into the public whois object corresponding to the IPv4 subnet. This token will be provided at order by OVH. Just let us know the token and we will add it.
  9. And a quite bizarre requirement: Imported IPv4 subnets shall be one of the following types:


  • Direct Allocation
  • Direct Assignment



We find these terms quite odd, since, if you’re not an owner, but a lessee, in some cases you have to violate the RIR policies to comply with the OVH requirements:

  1. RIPE-733 IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region. Article 7: ASSIGNED PI: This address space has been assigned to an End User for a specific purpose. It cannot be used to make further assignments to other parties. – this means that the end user willing to rent a subnet in order to add it to his OVHcloud account can’t rent PI subnet, but shall buy his own one.
  • RIPE-733 IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region. Article 7: LIRs are allocated Provider Aggregatable (PA) address space. They sub-allocate and assign this to downstream networks. If a downstream network or End User changes its service provider, the address space assigned or sub-allocated by the previous service provider must be returned and the network renumbered. Clear contractual arrangements are mandatory for PA space. LIRs will register the type of any assigned address space using the “status:” attribute of the inetnum object in the RIPE Database. In case the end user contacts ALLOCACTED PA LIR owner and asks him to provide a /24 subnet, according to the RIPE Policies the LIR must create an ASSIGNED PA type inetnum: This address space has been assigned to the issuing LIR infrastructure or an End User for use with services provided by the issuing LIR. It cannot be kept when terminating services provided by the LIR. Given the above, in case LIR has a /22 ALLOCATED PA subnet and end user would like to rent a /24 to use it for OVHcloud, it’s impossible for the subnet owner to rent out a /24 for such purpose. Therefore, the end user shall find either a LEGACY type subnet or take the whole ALLOCATED PA subnet, or buy a PI subnet (while the average market price is around 45-55 EUR/IP).

To sum up, if you’re the end user looking for an IPv4 subnet in the RIPE NCC service region to connect it with your BYOIP OVHcloud account, and you don’t have 11000+ EUR to buy your own PI /24 subnet, the right solution is to rent the ALLOCATED PA or a LEGACY subnet. Since most of IPv4 providers hold subnets larger than /24 ALLOCATED PA, that is most popular for such services, and it’s impossible to make a smaller allocation from them but the assignment, we highly recommend you to rent a LEGACY IPv4 subnet. If you still need an ALLOCATED PA subnet for any reason, please feel free to contact us by email and we will help you to find an ALLOCATED PA of the required size.

Also, we hope in future OVH will simplify their BYOIP policies, because not so many customers can afford themself to buy IPv4 subnets at the current IPv4 market prices.

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