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IPv4 lease broker services

Rent and lease out IPv4 addresses with Voldeta

Four steps to rent IPv4 subnets

Step 1. Choose a RIR, subnet size and fill up the checkout form

Visit our IPv4 lease page, choose a product and fill up the checkout form. You don’t need to pay during checkout. Please note that we only provide B2B services. You can add all the setup details are added during the checkout: ASN, ORG, maintainer. Please note that the minimum leasing period is 1 year. If you’re looking for bulk IPv4 addresses, please feel free to contact us by email. We have over 70 000 IPv4 addresses in stock and will be glad to cover your demand.

Step 2. Confirm the subnet and choose a payment method

Once we receive your order and verify your company and ASN, we will provide you with the IPv4 range to confirm. If the IPv4 range doesn’t meet your requirements, you can cancel the order or specify your requirements, and we will offer you another IPv4 subnet that meets your requirements. There’re two payment options to choose from: wire transfer and payment by card. In case of payment by card, a 3% Stripe fee will be added to the total cost.

Step 3. Sign contract, send back to us and pay the invoice

Once the IPv4 subnet is confirmed and a payment method is chosen, we will prepare and send you the contract and invoice. We will ask you to sign documents, send back to us and pay the invoice to proceed with the assignment. If you need LOA, please let us know before making payment. Please note that we don’t reserve subnets for more than two days. If we don’t receive the documents and payment within this period, the order will be canceled

Step 4. Receive the subnet within 1 day and enjoy

Within 1 business day after the payment receipt we will assign the IPv4 subnet. By default, we create RPKI and route to your ASN. Upon request, we can also create rDNS records. If you need to update geo of the assigned IPv4 subnet, please let us know the geo lookups you would like to update and we will make geo update requests for you. Please note that the final decision to update geo is made by geo lookup.

Four steps to lease out IPv4 subnets

Step 1. Contact us

Contact us by email or submit a contact form . For faster cooperation, please specify the range, estimated price, minimum leasing period, payment terms, limitations. Also, if a subnet is larger than /22, please let us know if the subnet can be splitted or not.

Step 2. Confirm the terms

We will check the range with spam listings, contact you and make an offer with the main terms, taking into account the provided information. We are flexible and always open to negotiate the terms, except several ones those are essential for us.

Step 3. Review contract and issue invoice

Once the terms and pricing are confirmed, we will send the final contract to review and confirm. Then, After the first subnet is confirmed by our customer, we sign contract, provide you with the setup details and ask you to issue the invoice.

Step 4. Receive payment and make the setup

Upon payment we will ask you to make the requested setup within 1 business day. The inetnum setup request is made either by us or by you, depending on the agreed terms. RPKI and LOA is made by the subnet owner.

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