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Payment FAQ

Do I need to pay during the checkout?

No, you don’t need to pay during the checkout. After the checkout, we’ll check your information and prepare documents and invoice

Payments in what currencies do you accept?

By default, we accept payments in EUR. As far as IPv4 transfers, we work in USD as well

What are the payment methods?

By default, we only accept wire transfers. As far as IPv4 transfers, we work exclusively via

Does the price include VAT?

By default, VAT is calculated automatically on our website during the checkout. VAT is not calculated for IPv4 sale offers. If VAT for an IPv4 transfer applies, you will be informed in advance before you sign a contract.

I’m an IPv4 supplier – how fast will I receive the first payment if I lease out subnets through you?

You will receive the first monthly payment within 5 business days after the subnet assignment to our customer.

Do you accept payments by card?

Upon request, we accept payments by card for the following services: IPv4 rental services, ASN registration, IPv4 PI support, IPv6 rental services, LIR registration, LIR management. In case of payment by card a 3 % card processing fee will be added to the total cost.