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IP Geolocation FAQ

IP Geolocation FAQ

We receive a lot of questions related with IPv4 GEO that’s why we decided to publish answers on the most popular questions.

I would like to lease ips with GEO. Do you have French/Norway/Russian/GB ips?

Yes, we have. IP address doesn’t belong to any country. Country is a set-up field in the inetnum object and when we create a new assigment we set the country of use chosen by our customer.

As the example, we have a customer – UAB Voldeta. Although our customer acts as a company registered in the Republic of Lithuania, he wants to use the assignment in Italy.  This is how the inetnum looks like in this case:

  • inetnum: 195.133.XXX.XXX – 195.133.XXX.XXX
  • netname: Voldeta
  • country: IT
  • org: ORG-XXX
  • admin-c: XXX-RIPE
  • tech-c: XXX-RIPE
  • status: ASSIGNED PA
  • mnt-by: voldeta-mnt
I would like to rent IPv4 addresses with French/Norway/Russian/GB.. geo in a specified (Maxmind/Ipgeolocation/etc) whois database.

We can provide ips with French/Norway/Russian/GB  geo in the specified whois database now (if we have subnets available which were in use in the specified country before for a long period) or within 2-3 weeks: in this case, firstly, we shall update the inetnum in the RIPE database, secondly, notify the specified database (e.x. Maxmind) about the update and then we have to wait for the update in the specified database.

In case we can’t provide you ips with requested geo visible in a specified whois database now, we offer 2 options:

  • Prepaid reservation : you choose a subnet, sign contract and pay for the first month. We update geo and after updates inform you that the subnet is ready for use. The billing period stasts from the date of the geo update. 
  • Unpaid update: we choose a subnet and update geo. In case this subnet hasn’t been taken by our customer during the update process, we contact you again after the update.

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