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IP Geolocation FAQ

IP Geolocation FAQ

We receive a lot of questions related with IPv4 GEO that’s why we decided to publish answers on the most popular questions.

I would like to lease IPv4 addresses set to my country in whois. Do you have French, Norwegian or German IPv4 subnets?

We can set any country you would like us to set in RIR whois. An IP address doesn’t belong to any country. Country is a set-up field in the inetnum object and when we create new assignments we set a country of use chosen by our customer.

As an example, we have a customer – UAB Voldeta. Although our customer acts as a company registered in the Republic of Lithuania, he would like to use the assignment in Italy.  This is how the inetnum looks like in this case:

  • inetnum: 195.133.XXX.XXX – 195.133.XXX.XXX
  • netname: Voldeta
  • country: IT
  • org: ORG-XXX
  • admin-c: XXX-RIPE
  • tech-c: XXX-RIPE
  • status: ASSIGNED PA
  • mnt-by: voldeta-mnt
I would like to rent IPv4 addresses with a geo already set to France, Norway or GB in a specific whois database, i.e.Maxmind. Is it possible?

We can provide IPv4 subnets with geo already set to France, Norrway or Great Britain in the specific whois database if we have such subnets in stock, or within 2-3 weeks. In case we don’t have such IPv4 networks in stock, first of all, we must update the inetnum in the RIPE database, secondly, notify the specified database (i.e. Maxmind) about the update and then we have to wait for the update.

Therefore, if we’re unable to provide you with IP addresses with a specific geo already set to your country, we can offer you 2 options:

  • We send geo update requests to geo lookups after we receive your order and payment. The IPv4 subnet geolocation is updated within the first month of IPv4 lease.
  • Unpaid IP- geolocation update: we choose a subnet and update geo. In case this subnet hasn’t been taken by our customer during the update process, we contact you again after the update.
How long does it take to update GEO for the IP-subnet?

It depends on the GEO lookup you would like to update. Usually, the geo update takes around 2-3 weeks.

How to increase the probability of a positive decision on the GEO update?

Each geo lookup has it’s own algorithms to detect geo, but most common are: where the announcement is made; what country is set in the inetnum; is there any additional information in the RIR whois. Given the above, we recommend you to follow the principles below:

  1. Before making an update request please start to announce the subnet in a country to which you would like to update GEO.
  2. Please check the IP-subnet details in the RIR database: is country set correctly?h
  3. We also recommend you to add geoloc and geofeed to the IPv4 inetnum
What are the most common IP-addresses geo lookups?

The most common IP-addresses geo lookups are: Maxmind, db-ip, ipinfo, ipdata, ip2location. Please note that for Google services you may need to send a geo update to Google as well. If you’re our customer, we’ll send all the requests by ourselves upon your request.

I’m a proxy addresses provider. Although GEO was updated in Maxmind and other GEO Lookups, my customers can’t access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney or other streaming services. How to fix the problem?

When user tries to access streaming services via VPN, he violates the terms of use of such services. Streaming provides don’t only detect geo of IP address, but they also check the IP address type: is this address used by ISP, Data center or proxy. Once the IPv4 address is detected as a proxy, streaming providers will block an access. It’s impossible to change the IP address type from proxy to ISP while your purpose of use is Proxy.

I’m an internet service provider. Although GEO was updated in Maxmind and other GEO Lookups, my customers can’t access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney or other streaming services. How to fix the problem?

If you’re our customer, please report us about the problem and we will help you to fix it. Most probably, the IPv4 subnet is detected as a Proxy/Data Center subnet type. We will contact the subnet type lookup the streaming provider uses and update the subnet type.

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