Worldwide operating IPv4 Broker and Internet Number Resources provider. Buy, sell, rent & lease out IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. LIR registration & management, AS/PI registration & support RIPE | ARIN | APNIC | LACNIC

  Worldwide operating IPv4 Broker and Internet Number Resources provider.

  Buy, sell, rent & lease out IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. LIR registration, AS/PI support





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Voldeta is a fast-growing Lithuanian company with specialists who have been working with internet number resources in the RIPE NCC services region for over 7 years. We are a RIPE NCC member, recognized IPv4 transfer broker and we have a large network of partners in the EU, UK, Asia and USA . We provide the following services:

  • IPv4 transfer brokerage services;
  • IP rental brokerage services – IPv4 & IPv6 addresses to lease; 
  • LIR service: ASN, IPv6 PI registration and support; IPv4 PI support;
  • LIR registration and management;
  • IPv4 cleaning (delisting) services

Our benefits are:

  • 7 days support: we work 7 days per week to be sure that all issues are solved. Contact us via chat or email;
  • Reliable: we are the recognised RIPE NCC and APNIC broker. This means that we've signed broker agreements with the RIPE NCC and APNIC to follow their policies; 
  • Free IPv4 transfer service: We provide free escrow.com and brokerage service for IPv4 subnets sellers
  • Fast service: we assign subnets within 1 business day after we receive payment. For other services, we reply within one calendar day.
  • RPKI and LOA: If required, we provide ROA and LOA free of charge. 
  • Full routes and rDNS records control: When we assign subnets for lease, we add a maintainer of the customer as MNT-domains and MNT-routes. 
  • Secure: we protect all the IPv4 transfer transactions with escrow.com. As far as IPv4 lease, read more about our security measures here.
  • Advance payment for IPv4 suppliers – There's no need to wait until your subnet is leased out on open IPv4 platforms – we don't sign contract until we have a lessee on your subnet. Lease out your IPv4 addresses with Voldeta and get the first revenue this month: we pay services within 5 business days after the assignment. We are also always open to review your terms.
  • Сonfidentiality – we don't publish your subnet, company and personal details on public sources. Your data can only be transmitted to contractual parties and RIRs.
  • LIR Service – don't have ASN? There's no need to look for a sponsoring-LIR – Voldeta is a RIPE NCC member and can provide you all kind of LIR services: AS registration and support; IPv6 /48 registration and support; IPv4 PI support
  • Cleaning service – we also provide IPv4 delisting services.
  • Prices: RIPE, ARIN IPv4 /24 lease – from 100 EUR per month; IPv4/22 lease – from 420 EUR per month; Find other CIDR rates in our shop.  If you would like to open your own LIR, don't miss our special offer at the price 350 EUR. Other LIR services such as Autonomous System Registration and Support (ASN), IPv6/48 are available here. Sometimes we also provide great discounts on /24 – /20 subnets for rent up to 0.35 EUR/IP per month. Follow us in social media to catch our best offers!
  • Simple and transparent process to sell or buy IPv4 addresses with us. You're just in 4 steps to sell or buy an IPv4 subnet. Here you can learn more about our IPv4 transfer brokerage services to understand how we secure assets and support IPv4 transfer deals.

If you would like to buy RIPE, ARIN, APNIC IPv4 addresses, you can check the current rates here. If you would like to sell IPv4 assets available for transfer, please fill up the form or contact us by email: info@voldeta.com .

Please feel free to schedule a meeting with us if you would like to discuss all the opportunities to work with us.


פרטי יצירת קשר

UAB Voldeta

מספר רישום חברה: 305298094

מע"מ: LT100013343219

כתובת משפטית: Geologų g. 6-2, LT-02190 וילנה, ליטא

מנהלת: אגטה סאפל, מנהלת

שירותים הניתנים:

  • שירותי מתווך העברות IPv4;
  • IPv4 ו-IPv6 להשכרה;
  • שירותי מתווך להשכרה IPv4;
  • ASN (מספר מערכת אוטונומית) רישום ותמיכה;
  • רישום וניהול LIR;
  • רישום רשת משנה IPv6 PI /48
  • שירותי חסות-LIR: תמיכה במשאבי IPv4 ו-IPv6 PI (בלתי תלוי בספק);
  • שירותי הסרה של IPv4 BL.

ימי עבודה: שני עד סו 11:00- 20:00 GMT+3

עקב Covid-19, אנו עובדים מרחוק.

על מנת לקבוע פגישה, אנא צור איתנו קשר במייל: info@voldeta.com.

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