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Lease out your unused IPv4 addresses

Lease out your unused IPv4 addresses

If you have unused IPv4 addresses Voldeta can help you to monetize them and get the first revenue this month.

Benefits to lease out IPv4 with Voldeta

  • Security and confidentiality – we don't publish IPv4 subnets on public sources, therefore IPv4 hijackers never know what subnets are not in use. Also, we create RPKI to all rented IPv4 subnets.
  • Advance payment – you don't need to wait when your IPv4 addresses are rented out by someone. You send us a request to rent out your IPv4 addresses and then we offer them to our customers. When the customer is found, we sign a contract with you and pay the invoice within 5 business days from the date of assignment.
  • Full IPv4 management – add mnt-lower voldeta-mnt to your ALLOCATED PA or LEGACY IP network, or add mnt-by voldeta-mnt to the ASSIGNED PA and we will take care about creating inetnums, routes and domain objects. Another ways to delegate us the right to manage IPv4 addresses is to create a sub-allocated PA object or make a temporary IPv4 transfer to our LIR. We can also manage RPKI, but to delegate this right you have to add our employer as a user to admin-portal.
  • Know your end-user before the assignment – we will provide you the information about the end user (industry, country), so you could make a decision to confirm or decline the offer;
  • Abuse control – we add our abuse-c to all assignments to control abuses and monitor listings. Our end users react within 48 hours. If not – we make their announcement down by adding RPKI to another subnet and deleting routes until the problem is fixed.
  • Flexible terms – we are open to work under your contract if the main terms described below will be added.

The main terms

  1. Voldeta shall reserve the right to cancel a subnet within 48 hours in case the subnet doesn't work or was listed in blacklistings before the assignment.
  2. ROA and LOA shall be included to price. LOA is a letter of authorization signed by the representative of the LIR which allows the ASN to announce the LIR's subnet. ROA RPKI is a certificate which protects the assignment from illegal announcements.
  3. We sign a broker or an IPv4 lease contract with a right to sublet IPv4.
  4. Our renumeration fee is 20% per month if a broker contract, or we pay a fixed price per each /24, if a lease contract.
  5. Since we often receive urgent inquires at the night time, we need mnt-lower, mnt-domains, mnt-routes voldeta-mnt, or suballocation, or a temporary IPv4 transfer to our LIR of leased subnet
  6. The price increase is possible once per year with a notification sent 3 month before the price update and can't exceed 15%

Before we rent your IPv4 subnets out, let's discuss the terms of collaboration:

  • Pricing. Please check our prices and terms in the shop before contacting us – we don't work with higher prices.
  • How can we split your address space (e.x. if you have /18, can we split it into 1x /19, 1x/20, 1x/21, 2x/22 ?)
  • The minimum leasing period and cancellation terms
  • Setup terms (sub-allocation/mnt-lower/mnt-by/temporary IP transfer)
  • List of prefixes

Simply contact us via to proceed.