Lease out your unused IPv4 addresses

Lease out your unused IPv4 addresses

If you have unused ipv4 addresses we can help you to monetize them.

How we work

  1. We discuss the terms of collaboration:
  • minimal and average prices under which we can lease out your address space (we will use tthe minimal price for the final discount). Please check our prices and terms in the shop before contacting us – we don’t work with higher prices.
  • how can we split your address space (e.x. if you have /18, can we split it into 1x /19, 1x/20, 1x/21, 2x/22 ?)
  • minimal leasing period (we have customers with month-to-month update, quarter update, year update)
  • customer fields setup (e.x. some customers require suballocation, others – mnt by. This is why we shall define options available to the customer).
  • list of prefixes

Important terms

48 hours free testing period shall be included as 80% of customers would like to check subnets before use. We give this possibility to our customer after we sign a contract with him.

ROA and LOA shall be included to the price. LOA is a letter of authorisation signed by the representative of the LIR which allows the ASN to announce the LIR’s subnet. ROA RPKI is a certificate which protects the assignment from illegal announcements.

While we have a broker agreement signed and effective, you reserve the right to lease out your subnets directly in case this subnet is available. In this case you shall immediately inform us about the reservation. Vice versa – we will immediately inform you if we leased out your subnet or have a reservation.

2. We sign a broker contract. This contract covers all issues that could happen during the leasing period. We are fully responsible for abuse and react quiqly. Our renumeration fee is 20% per month.

3. As we often receive urgent inquires at the night time, we either need mnt-lower, mnt-domains, mnt-routes or you provide us with 24/7 support:  contacts of the person who can make the assigment as soon as he receives our request.

4. We inform you immediately on all milestones if we have a reservation, testing period or leased it out

5. On a monthly basis, no later than the 15th day of the next month after the reporting month, we send you leasing  fee we received minus our renumeration fee.

To sign the broker contract and lease out your address space please contact us via

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