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Organisation object

Organisation object

Organisation (ORG) object shows the company details, abuse and administrative contacts of the company. When we create the inetnum-object to make the assignment to our customer, we require the customer to provide us the ORG-object.

How to create organisation (ORG) object?

Follow the steps below to create the ORG object in the RIPE Database:

  1. Sign-in into your SSO account
  2. Use this link:
  3. Select “organisation” and tap “create”
  4. Add the maintainer. Note that the organisation object can only be changed by the maintainer you chose.
  5. If you have abuse-c role fill up abuse-c field by entering the nic-handle of abuse-c role. If you don’t have abuse-c role follow the instructions written in the field: click the bell and create one by adding the email-address for the abuse contact.
  6. Tap + and add admin-c and tech-c and fill up both fields
  7. Tap submit
  8. Keep the organisation object identifier. We will add it to the inetnum while creating the assignment for you.

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